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Team Umizoomi must find and return the sled to Casey as quick as they can.


Intro: Snow Day in UmiCity

The episode begins as the team has fun playing in the snow. Bot transform himself into a Robo-Snowball as Milli uses her snowflake pattern as a decoration. UmiCar had a reckless start as Geo plans to use Super Shape Power to make an Umi-Sled.

Casey's Calamity

Casey's friends are having fun sledding except she does not have a sled. The team has to race as fast as it can to return the sled to Casey before the sun sets.

Icicle Crash

Milli's dress has the pattern: Long, Long, Short, Short. This pattern can pass through the icicles smoothly but a different pattern can lead to icicle meltdown, where a zigzag occurs.

World's Most Silly Snowmen

Bridge Shatter

One shape remains on the bridge where as other shapes cause to crash.

Having a Snowball

Icy walls are blocked in the tunnels as Bot has to decide how many snowballs to be smashed down the walls exactly.

Conclusion: Super Sled Ride




Math Skills

  • Shape Identification
  • Observation Skills
  • Patterns
  • Shapes
  • Counting

World Skills

  • Winter



  • DoorMouse: I can't find my key!
    • Geo: You lost the key?!
    • DoorMouse: Well... not lost exactly...You see, I asked one of those Snowmen to hold it for me, but now I can't remember which one it was!
    • Milli: *gently slaps her face* Oh no, DoorMouse...

  • Geo: Whoa, it's a bridge made out of ice shapes.
    • Bot: (hops on an oval) This way, guys! Last one across is a-- (Oval on the bridge breaks into pieces and it falls into the river) (Bot falls down) Yaaahh! HA HA HA!
    • Milli and Geo: BOT!
    • Umi-Sled: *whirls fearfully*
    • Bot: Arm extendo! (UmiSled pulls him up) Phew! That was close! Thanks, Umi-Sled.


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