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Team Umizoomi go to the school house to find all of Farmer Dan's missing animals before someone gets hurt.


Intro: Guess the Animal Noise

What animal makes that sound? Also the clues are given to find out the animal.

The School's a Zoo!

After the animals escaped from the farm, they wander around every single room in the school, but Team Umizoomi has to stop them before the school ends up in a complete zoo.

Pigging out in the Lunchroom

After the team’s friend Emma warns the trio that the pigs are in the lunchroom, they go on a wild charge to catch them. Bot has to go past twelve Ketchup Blasters in order to resue the little pigs. Otherwise, he will get squirted and covered in ketchup.

Chicken Class

The chickens are playing hide-and-seek all over the team’s friend Jacob’s classroom, like jack-in-the-boxes. Bot attempts to catch them, but unsuccessful. But Milli uses her super Pattern Power to find out where the chickens hide in a sequence: Bookshelf, Backpack, Toys, and Rug.

Mice in Paint

The team’s friend Eden heard someone making a big mess in the art room. Mischevious mice have been playing with paint, but they ran away from the table and ended up in the following containers: a paintbrush cup, a flowerpot, and a rainbow mobile.

Donkey's Playground Pandemonium

The donkey is too stubborn to go down the slide; unless the donkey is hungry because he wants to eat his favorite dessert concoction: a chocolate ice cream on a cone topped with a pickle and french fries.

Conclusion: Back to the Farm

After a short transportation ride from school, the farm animals are back to the barn safe and sound. They all lived happily ever after.




  • The donkey's personality was based off the phrase 'stubborn as a mule'.
  • This is the third time Geo used his Shape Spliter, which has also appeared in DoorMouse in Space and The Kitty Rescue.
  • Milli gets distracted by cookies, which marks the very first time any member of the team got distracted at a bad time.
  • This episode has no relationship or similarity to Shrek.


Math Skills

  • Listening Skills (Animal Sounds)
  • Counting
  • Observation Skills
  • Subtracting
  • Patterns/Sequencing
  • Color Identification
  • Shape Identification

World Skills

  • School
  • Farm Animals



  • Milli: (sees some cookies) Ooh!
    • (She gets ready to eat one)
    • Geo: Milli!
    • (He drags her away from the cookies)

  • Bot: (cleans off the mice) "Squeaky" clean.

  • Bot: This is "ridonkulous!" There’s gotta be something he likes.

  • Milli: Ice Cream with a Pickle and French Fries?! (silly trombone music plays) That's silly!
    • Bot: Blech!


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