A special song only appears in the single episode Milli Saves The Day. It is revealed that she is showing her true brave side to save her brother and her best friend.

Note:Italicized quotes means to talk/speak but not sing.


Milli: Umi Friends, If there's one thing you need to know, there's nothing that can stop me from helping my friends. That's right!

I would climb (climb) the highest mountain

I would swim (swim) the deepest sea

I would walk across the desert to help my friends

I'd know they do the same for me

Choir: Go Milli, Go Milli, Go Milli, Go Milli, Go Milli, Go Milli, Yeah!

I would scale (scale) the tallest building

Walk on tightrope over the moon

I'd do anything and everything to help my friends

I know they'll help me too

I'd do anything to help my friends

Choir: She'd do anything to help her friends

Milli: Anything to help my friends

Anything to help my friends


File:1,000,000 View Special Anything to Help My Friends-HD


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