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During September 2012, Nick Jr.'s monthly theme was Space. The month's chosen song was "Beautiful Space," which was originally Beautiful Sun from Bubble Guppies. It has the same music and rhythm, but it has different lyrics. Team Umizoomi along with some of the Nick Jr. characters blast off into space while singing this song. (Other Series: The Backyardigans, Bubble Guppies, Dora the Explorer, Wonder Pets, The Fresh Beat Band)


Note: Normal text means singing and italics mean speaking.

Tyrone: Standby for lift-off, Shuttle Crew.

Kids: Five, four...

Pablo: Ready for lift-off!

Milli: Three...

Goby: Two...

Dora: One...

Tasha: Ignition!

Ming-Ming: I love this universe!

Dora: We're leaving the planet way too far

Molly: Look at him, Solar System

Milli & Geo: Here we come

Boots: Astroids, solar systems,

Shout: And galaxies blazing

Bot: Planets and stars

Milli & Bot: All so amazing

Kiki & Twist: Space, Beautiful Space

Dora: I love to your star a-blazing

With such amazing grace

Deema: Outer Space

Bot: We've been to Uranus

And maybe one day soon

Molly: We'll even visit a planet like Mars

The Moon then the Mercury

Gil: Don't seem so far

Molly & Gil: We are on the place

Gil: Space, Beautiful Space

Geo: It's a joy to play here

In the Milky Way

Molly: What a beautiful maze

All Beautiful Space


  • Written And Produced By Michael Rubin
  • Vocals By Fatima Ptacek, Brianna Gentilella, Madeleine Rose Yen, Ethan Kempner, Koda Gursoy, Thomas Hobson, Donovan Patton, Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, and Angelina Wahler


  • Every month theme, a Nick Jr. character tells the Word of the Day about the theme, and for Space, Bot was that character.