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JJ Treston JJ Treston 5 February 2021

Umizumiz Find Time

The Umizumiz Pilot Is Current Lost,

Its time to find it

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Laurence2020 Laurence2020 29 December 2020

Team Unizoom Is The Best Show (Because Its My Childhood Show)

Team Unizoom Is The Best Show Why? I Have Read Their Books On The Nick Junior Books App And It’s My Favorite Tv Show Sinces Childhood I Really Wish It Had A Reboot After The Cancelation It Was Really Sad I Wish It Had A Reboot ;(

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PrincessPoppy38 PrincessPoppy38 16 September 2020

Best of Milli

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PrincessPoppy38 PrincessPoppy38 16 September 2020

Princess Poppy (Team Umizoomi)

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PrivateUser979 PrivateUser979 13 September 2020

Why did they discontinue Team Umizoomi?

can they just BRING IT BACK

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Karley Mcdonald Karley Mcdonald 17 August 2020

How to be a Troblemakers

Just pretend to be troublemaker. Trouble you later.

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Someguy20002 Someguy20002 12 July 2019

Just blog post

Here is one blog post.

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ChameleonCove ChameleonCove 14 May 2014

Petition! Please Sign Now!

This petition will ensue that Team Umizoomi runs for a season longer. This show is too good to be cancelled!

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Loco123456 Loco123456 10 March 2019

Thomas and the Magic Railroad - The Lost Edition Petition: Please Sign

Hello everybody,

A nonprofit organization called "Restore the Magic" needs help in getting 10,000 signatures on their petition. The petition is to help get the director's cut of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" released. The deadline for signing along with reaching the goal is May 1, 2019.

Please sign the petition, and also please share it with others who'd like to see the director's cut too.

Link to petition:

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Have a good day.

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Plush Bat Fan Plush Bat Fan 28 October 2018

Do you like math?

Do you like math?

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Crazyeyesinlove Crazyeyesinlove 5 January 2018

Team Umizoomi Neds to Return with a Fifth Season!

We all miss Team Umizoomi releasing new episodes, but I started a petition on that a while ago. Here's the link to it:

Go on, guys. Click the link and sign the petition!

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Bella kim Bella kim 1 January 2017

Year of a Rooster.

Happy new year! This year is the year of a rooster, the only bird in the chinese zodiac. This year 2017 is the red rooster. I think Milli was born on Year of a Rooster so it's going to celebrate!

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HoneyVladimir35 HoneyVladimir35 2 December 2016

Heidi's High Heels

(The photographers are calling out to her)

Photographers: Heidi! Heidi!

(Heidi(looks down to see that one of high heels is shorter than the other)

Heidi: Oh, dear.

Umi Car: *honks*

(He drives up and Team Umizoomi hops on top of a pole)

Heidi: Team Umizoomi?

Milli: Love the look, Heidi, but those heels just don't measure up

. Heidi: Tell me about it. Can you help?

Bot: We're on it! (Milli hops off the pole down to Heidi's high heels)

Milli: Milli Measure! (

Her ponytails grow to show the high heels' lengths)

Do you want to go for 5 inches or 2?

Heidi: Do you really need to ask?

Milli: Got it

! (She makes the 2 inch heel 5 inches

) You're all set!

Heidi: Thanks, Milli!

(Heidi turns around and shows off her oufit)

How do I look?

Milli: Umirific!

Male Announcer: N…

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HoneyVladimir35 HoneyVladimir35 12 October 2016

Team Umizoomi

Umi City is the main and centre location of the "Team Umizoomi" show. Contents[hide]

About Location Currency Population Climate Recreation Locations within Umi City Umi Toy Store Umi City Aquarium Umi City Zoo Sports Gallery

AboutEditovat LocationEditovat

The actual location of Umi City remains anonymous. But it is known it is on X Planet. CurrencyEditovat

The currency is Umi-Dollars and Umi-Cents. PopulationEditovat

Like the United States, It inhabits many people of different colors, shapes, and sizes, including Team Umizoomi.

Here is the Historic Population: Historic Population (1790-2014) Year  Population 1790  69,697 1800  78,192 1810  94,877 1820  102,567 1830  113,654 1840  1…

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Miyachan-san Miyachan-san 3 July 2015

Your favorite show?

What is your favorite tv show? Mine are: Tamagotchi Aikatsu PriPara Team Umizoomi Precure And more!

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Elizabeth Georgeos Elizabeth Georgeos 28 July 2014

Favorite book

What's your favorite book?

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DeboraGuppysFan2014 DeboraGuppysFan2014 28 June 2014

I start to like the show

I start in 2012 in September because i see in Portuguese in 11:00pm i think so and i'm dancing the show the song umishake and the episode are the season 1 episode 1, i like bubble guppies too because the bubble guppies is the first wiki i created, my fav guppy is molly, gil, deema and oona. and my fav umizoomi is Milli, i like the draws from the dress from milli :) 

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Bella kim Bella kim 19 May 2014

The rules to not be banned or blocked

In edits, you mustn't post that is inrelevent for our topic.

Even you hate but it's true and not rude content, do not remove or delete contents. Otherwise, you will be blocked with the reason:Removing content from pages.

Don't post fan made characters or episodes. Just like Rio wiki, Team Umizoomi wiki don't allow that too.

If you are talking in Talk page, chat or Message wall, do not tell lies or mean words or spam, and also sexual contents.

NO sexual content on this wiki:I haven't found someone is blocked by the reason inserting sexual content onto Team Umizoomi wiki, but since I have found on Rio wiki, I'm also give new warning and rule for Team Umizoomi wiki users. Happy that it didn't happened yet, but the bad user can come and post the s…

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Bella kim Bella kim 7 May 2014

Team Umizoomi as 3rd & Bird version

Bot as Rudy the Cockatoo (Tritagonists)

Geo as Muffin the Lovebird (Deuteragonists)

Milli as Samuel the Lovebird (Protagonists)

I think 3rd & Bird and Team Umizoomi are for kids, but I think they are bit connected with the Wonder Pets.

Milli is a counterpart from Samuel lovebird.

They have opposite gender younger sibling and their best friends. For Samuel, Muffin is his younger sister and Rudy is his best friend. For Milli, Geo is her younger brother and Bot is her best friend.

They are both protagonists from the show.

They have both confirmed age. Samuel is 5 years old, Milli is 6 years old.

Bot shares some features from Rudy.

They are both tritagonists from the show.

They are best friend and opposite gender of the protagonists. Samuel and Rudy, Mi…

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Bigteddy Bigteddy 3 May 2014

Unfortunately There Will Be No Season Five!

Yesterday! I just found out from a crew member of the show that Team Umizoomi will not be renewed for a 5th season. The 4th Season currently airing will be it's last. She writes this in her Tumblr blog My staff hoodie came in the mail today!! Now I’m emotional and nostalgic…really miss my Umi Friends now! What a great 14 months spent working with wonderful people. I worked on season 4 in the “Visual Effects” department at Curious, unfortunately we were not renewed for a season 5. But hey I got a fun hoodie! On to the next one ;) Big announcement coming soon…

Here's her blog if you don't believe me!

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ChameleonCove ChameleonCove 26 October 2013


I was researching then I found the backgrounds and prop designs for Team Umizoomi!untitled/zoom/cqwa/image1feg.

Background #1: A futuristic hallway. This might take place in outer space where Team Umizoomi becomes space cadets (I'm looking foward to that episode!) or it may be the TroubleMakers' lair. UPDATE: The Futurisic Hallway is from "Team Umizoomi VS The Shape Bandit".

Background #2: An underwater base. It may be the aformentioned lair of the TroubleMakers. UPDATE: The Underwater Base is from "Movie Madness".

Background #3 & #4: A lighthouse and a beach. Once again it may be the "TroubleMaker's Lair" episode.

Background #5 & #6: A tree tunnel and…

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