Team Umizoomi Wiki
  1. "Legs Extendo!"
  2. "Arms Extendo!"
  3. "Jaw Extendo!"
  4. "Yoinks-A-Doinks!"
  5. "Great/Gooey/Grumbling/ Gigabytes!"
  6. "Mighty Microchips!"
  7. "Jumping J-PEGs!"
  8. "Massive Mega-pixels!" (From Journey to Numberland)
  9. "Great Gizmos!"
  10. "Glittering Gizmos!" (From Umi Ninjas)
  11. "Dazzling Desktops!"
  12. "Shimmering Shiftkeys!"
  13. "Hopping Hard Drives!"
  14. "Snapping Sprockets!"
  15. "Sizzling/Slippery Circuits!"
  16. "Melting Megabytes!"
  17. "Dazzling Data!" (From Umi Egg Hunt)
  18. "Towering Terrabytes!" (From Haircut Hijinx)
  19. "Vixen-rific" (From Santa's Little Fixers)
  20. "Duck-abunga!" (From The Elephant Sprinkler)
  21. "Great Garbaging Gadgets!" (From Playground Heroes)
  22. "Mucky Mainframes!"
  23. "Crackling Kernals!"
  24. "Quacking Keyboards!"
  25. "Super Circumference!" (From Team Umizoomi & Dora's Fantastic Flight)
  26. "Shivering Shareware!"
  27. "Scrumptious Screensavers!"
  28. "Leaping/Lanky Laptops!"
  29. "Snoozing Servers!" (From Presto's Magic House)
  30. "Flapping Floppy Discs!"
  31. "Shiver Me Shareware!" (From The Umi City Treasure Hunt)
  32. "Sopping Software!"
  33. "I'm OK!"
  34. "Cha-Ching!" (From City of Lost Penguins)
  35. "Pixeling Primates!" (From UmiCar's Birthday Present)
  36. "Hungry Hardrives!" (From Stolen Lunches)
  37. "Murky Mousepads!" (From Gloopy Fly Home)
  38. Sizzling Circuits!
  39. Mighty Michaelchips! (From The Milk Out)
  40. Simply Magnificent! (From Special Delivery)
  41. Speeding Servers! (From Race Around Umi City)
  42. Soaking Circuits! (From The Great Shape Race)
  43. Soaring Servers! (From The Great Shape Race)
  44. Lapping Floppy disks! (From Doctor Bot)
  45. Blanky Oilcans! (From Crazy Skates (Episode))
  46. Crazy Cursors! (From DoorMouse in Space)
  47. Prehistoric Pixels, Those Dinosaurs Are Having So Much Fun!
  48. That sounds like a thunder cloud rolling in
  49. Broccoli Is That A Fruit No It's A Vegetable