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There are few appearances of the bunnies. They are also Milli's favourite animal.


Presto's Bunnies

Everyone knows you can't be a magician without a bunny, and the Incredible Presto is no exception. His bunny lives in his magic hat and comes out a few times. In Presto's Magic House, there is one bunny, but the crazy magic caused the bunny to multiply into lots and lots of bunnies. After the house was reverted back to normal, the bunnies all went back into the hat as one bunny. The real one waved bye before he went back into the hat. He has white fur and a pink nose, ears, and cheek.


Whispers is Milli's female pet bunny. Whispers usually needs six units of water to drink. She's very sweet and very quiet, which probably gives her the name Whispers. She has light pink fur and bright pink nose and ears. She's also kinda shy, revealed because her ears were droopy when Milli was holding her.

Wild Bunnies

Bunny Town Bunnies

Bunny Town is a city underneath Umi City where the citizens are all bunnies. The town was only seen in Umi Egg Hunt.

Engineer Bunny

He drives the Bunny Express Train, which is powered by carrots. He gave the team a ride to the Egg Factory, so they can get the rainbow egg.