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A city underneath Umi City that has bunnies as its residence.

Episode Appearances

Umi Egg Hunt

April's rainbow egg rolled into a deep rabbit hole and Team Umizoomi hopped in to get it back before something worse happens at the Egg Factory. At the bottom, they discovered Bunny Town.


Veggie Mountain

A tall mountain of vegetables where there is rolling vegetables rolling down the mountain. Milli used her Pattern Power to get past the rolling vegetables, so the team can continue on their way to the Egg Factory

Bunny Express Sus

A train that looks like a bunny, driven by a bunny, and gets it power from carrots.

Egg Factory

A factory that works with eggs, not make/manufacture eggs. The factory has two different assembly lines: one that decorates the eggs and other cracks, smashes, and cooks the eggs; which was where the rainbow egg was.


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