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Buster is a pet dog owned by Anna.


Buster is a light brown puppy with brown spots and brown eyes. His collar is the colour blue. He is very smart, sweet, and playful. He knows how to use his barks to say yes and no, by one bark means "No" and two barks means "Yes." He knows tricks like sitting-up and jumping and loves to bury things and play fetch. He love to give kisses, mostly to Bot. Buster first appeared in "Picnic" when he helped Team Umizoomi find Anna's thermos and in "Buster The Lost Dog" when he got into trouble while chasing his ball. He was seen in "The Kitty Rescue" in the episode's song "We Love Our Pets". In "Animal School House," in Team Umizoomi's game "Guess the Animal," the dog card looks just like him.


Buster lives with Anna in house number ten, from Umi City.

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