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The team is in the park playing with Anna and her brown puppy, Buster. However, during a game of fetch that goes awry, Buster accidentally hops in a blue truck that leaves the park and has a destination to the constrution site. The team has to master the understandings of signs in order to rescue him.


Intro: Buster's New Tricks

The Team play with Anna and Buster and show him tricks.

Pup Problem

When playing fetch, the ball ends up in a truck, but at the last second, Buster gets lost and the truck drives away to the construction.

The Crazy Road

Milli uses her pattern power to get past a dangerous road. Umi Car had to zigzag across falling rocks, jump over a mud puddle and go fast past the stinky skunks! Phew!

Drawn Bridge

The Team see a red stop sign and can't cross the bridge because it's broken. But Geo helps by fixing the bridge.

Going Down

Bot helps Buster jump over three holes, four cement mixers, and five jackhammers.

Conclusion: Anna and her Pet Reunion

Buster is happy to be back with Anna.




  • This is the second appearance of both Buster and Anna, first being Picnic.
    • This is also the second time Anna was missing something (in this case, Buster).


Math Skills

  • Counting
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Number Identification
  • Patterns
  • Shape Identification
  • Counting forwards & backwards

Special Skill

  • Understanding Signs

World Skills

  • Dog training & signaling
  • Construction sight



  • Bot: I feel a- (Buster licks him) Oh! Buster!