The team is in the park playing with Anna and her brown puppy, Buster. However, during a game of fetch that goes awry, Buster accidentally hops in a blue truck that leaves the park and has a destination to the constrution site. The team has to master the understandings of signs in order to rescue him.


Intro: Buster's New Tricks

The Team play with Anna and Buster and show him tricks.

Pup Problem

When playing fetch, the ball ends up in a truck, but at the last second, Buster gets lost and the truck drives away to the construction.

The Crazy Road

Milli uses her pattern power to get past a dangerous road. Umi Car had to zigzag across falling rocks, jump over a mud puddle and go fast past the stinky skunks! Phew!

Drawn Bridge

The Team see a red stop sign and can't cross the bridge because it's broken. But Geo helps by fixing the bridge.

Going Down

Bot helps Buster jump over 3 holes, 4 cement mixers, and 5 jackhammers.

Conclusion: Anna and her Pet Reunion

Buster is happy to be back with Anna.




  • This is the second appearance of both Buster and Anna, first being Picnic.


Math Skills

  • Counting
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Number Identification
  • Patterns
  • Shape Identification
  • Counting forwards & backwards

Special Skill

  • Understanding Signs

World Skills

  • Dog training & signaling
  • Construction sight



  • Bot: I feel a- (Buster licks him) Oh! Buster!


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