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These are all of the episodes from Season 2 from October 18, 2010 to October 13, 2011. As of this season, Milli is now voiced by Madeline Rose Yen.

In this season, be sure to count up the new challenges as Team Umizoomi explores an underground city of rabbits, help Purple Monkey get home, and join UmiCar in The Race Around Umi City. Join them in magical adventures to save the Blue Mermaid, and journey to Numberland to rescue the King of Numbers.

Most of all, some of beloved team get themselves in trouble. Join the trio to save UmiCar from a iceberg; help Milli and Geo rescue Bot when he accidentally puts on Crazy Skates and help Milli on her biggest solo adventure to save Geo and Bot from a 'sticky' situation.

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