Get ready for more Mighty Math Missions with super-heroes, Milli, Geo, and Bot! This season, join Team Umizoomi as they explore exciting places, including Umi Skate Park, the Umi City Zoo, and their very own Headquarters with an Umi Workshop. They'll also magically transform into space crusaders, Umi Ninjas, Umi Cops, and more. Listen carefully for the Umi Alarm and get ready to use your Mighty Math Skills to zoom into action and help all your friends in Umi City. But keep an eye for Umi City's newest villains - The Troublemakers! Whether they're breaking skateboards, letting penguins loose, or snatching lunches, it's up to you to chase them down! Call UmiCar for help. He's the coolest car around and this season, the team throws him a big birthday party, and he'll also team up with his best friend Shark Car at the Umi Grand Prix! Team Umizoomi, it's time for action! (Summary from iTunes)

Season 4 has Team Umizoomi's most difficult enemies yet, The TroubleMakers. Luckily, they always get what they deserve in the end. Which episode do you think gave them what they deserved the most?

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