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Wild Cats

This is the animals in family Felidae. The terms are known as felines.

The Tiger

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The Stone Lions

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Zoo Lions

Only seen in Job Well Done. Four male lions since they all have manes. The team had to feed them to earn the ten additional Umi Dollars they needed. The lions were loud and starving, so Milli came up with an idea of cutting a pattern sandwich and giving them to the lions equally. After they each got an even piece, since lions hate it when things are not shared fairly, the lions ate the sandwiches and fell asleep.

Circus Lions

These lions were seen only in Little Panda Joe. In order to get Little Joe back home, the team had to go through the circus. Bot notices the only way out is through the performance ring, but the ring is full of lions. They can't go through the ring full of lions; it's not safe, and Little Joe is afraid of lions. Luckily, they used the trapeze bars to swing over the lions and get to the exit.

Pet Cats

Black Cat

She only appeared in Ghost Family Costume Party as a guard in the hallway. As her name intends, she is a big black cat, but she doesn't have a collar. She has green eyes with little female eyelashes. When Little Ghost, Milli, and Geo were looking at themselves in funny mirrors, Bot looked in what he thought was a mirror, which was the Black Cat copying his movements. When he found out who she really was, he and others ran away until they hid inside a basket. A little spider told them that the only thing she's scared of is dogs. Geo made a dog costume and Little Ghost put it on and she thought it was real dog and ran off scared like Black Cat never bothered them since. A minor antagonist.

Tunnel Cats

A huge pack of alley cats that were Lost and Found Toys. They claim a tunnel as the territory which blocked the only way that Team Umizoomi could use to get to the baseball game in time to give Renee her baseball mitt. Luckily, Milli spotted some cat toys, so the team gave each of the different cats (Blue, Orange, and Purple) their favorite toys long enough to get by them.


Gray Kitten

Only seen in a little part of the song We Love Our Pets, playing with her mistress, a little girl.


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