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When six baby chicks wander off from a classroom into Umi City, Team Umizoomi must find them before they get into mischief and get lost. It's a big city for six baby chicks.


Intro: New Class Pets

Half a dozen chicks are hatched out of their eggs in the school classroom.

Chicks in The City

The six chicks have gone out the window to run to Umi City just to chase the chick food, leading to nowhere to be found and just lost.

Chicks in Shoes

Bot has to find out the number of peeps in the three chicks hidden with which equals to the corresponding shoe box number.

Chicks in a Sticky Situation

One chick is stuck in a strawberry jam jar and the other in a maple syrup. Milli uses Pattern Power to figure out the chicks' actions: Wiggle, Wiggle, and Flap (for the first chick); and Wiggle, Wiggle, Flap, and Kick (for the second chick).

Chick on a Fountain

One of the chicks is on top of the fountain and  is scared to go down. Geo has to build a kite in order to fly as high as he can to rescue the final chick, The Red Feather. 

Conclusion: Return Home

All the chicks are returned to the school and reunite the students in the classroom again. Bot closes the window to prevent the chicks to run away again.




  • Three of the baby chicks. including Red Feather, were in part of the We Love Our Pets song.
  • Colin appears again in Umi Toy Store when he wanted to buy Sparkle Pup.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Counting
  • Number Identification
  • Listening Skills
  • Patterns
  • Shape Identification

World Skills

  • Class Pets




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