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The Crazy Skates are a pair of roller skates that are the last skates anyone wants to wear, especially for Bot.

Episode Appearance

Game Appearance


The Crazy Skates are red with white shoelaces and two black wheels. They come in three known sizes: three, four, and five.


When someone puts on Crazy Skates, the skates go so fast, they can't stop.


One faithful day, Bot decided to go roller skating with Milli and Geo, but he doesn't have any roller skates. He finds some red skates, which are actually the Crazy Skates. Even though Milli and Geo warned him, he puts them on, but it's because they were covered in blue paint after an accident. He soon figured out he put them on after the blue paint washed off, but it was too late.

Milli and Geo rescued him by placing a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs right where he landed. After that, Geo throws the Crazy Skates in the garbage, just to make sure nobody puts on those Crazy Skates ever again.

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