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When the Cuckoo Bear's gears blow away in a gush of wind, the team need to find the gears before their upcoming Performance begins.


Intro: The Cuckoo Bears

The team is at the park planning to watch an hourly performance by the Cuckoo Bears, who are a bunch of robotic bears who dance, play instruments and even sing. Bot and Geo admit that they really like songs. Milli then asks Umi-Friend if they like songs. Assuming that Umi-Friend said yes, Milli tells them that that's great and that they will love the cuckoo bears. The cuckoo bears do their performance and everyone loves it. Geo and Bot are totally impressed by their performance. Milli then asks Umi-Friend if they, alongside her and her teammates, want to meet the cuckoo bears. Once again, assuming that Umi-Friend said yes; they head inside the clock to meet them. Inside, the cuckoo bears greet them and they just chat about the concert. But, suddenly......

Lost Gears = Lost Power

The gears in the centre are suddenly blown away by a strong gust of wind and the Cuckoo Bears power down because they cannot function without them. Geo, Bot and Milli are in despair because the next concert will be happening extremely soon. However, the gears have rolled so far away, they could be anywhere in Umi City. Which is exactly why Geo says that they are going to need Umi-Friend's help and Geo asks Umi-Friend if they'll help them find the gears. Assuming that Umi-Friend said yes, the trio; alongside Umi-Friend, set out on their mission.

Train Food

The train must munch a correct shape to make it go faster.

A Squirrel's Gone Nuts

The squirrel thought the gear wheel is an acorn but it is not. The team must retrieve the gear wheel before it is eaten.

Bot's Scooter Pursuit

In order to get the last gear, Bot used a scooter to catch the last gear.

Conclusion: It's Showtime!

The Team put the gears back in the Cuckoo bears and they immediately get their power back. Soon the Cuckoo Bears invite Team Umizoomi for a concert. And pretty soon; Geo, Milli and Bot and the Cuckoo bears are putting on a concert together!




  • It is revealed that Geo has experience in playing the bass and Bot has experience in Tap-dancing.


Math Skills

  • Shape Identification
  • Patterns
  • Observation Skills
  • Number Identification
  • Number Value
  • Reading Analog Clocks

World Skills

  • Subway trains
  • Gears
  • Concerts



Milli: "What about you? Do you like songs?"

Milli: "Hey! Do you wanna meet the Cuckoo Bears?"

Geo: "Will you help us save the Cuckoo Bears?"