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Doctor Bot helps Mike to put on a bandage after he falls off his scooter and scrapes his knee. Can Doctor Bot get there in time to make Mike's knee feel better?


Intro: Dr. Bot is in

Umi Friend, Milli and Geo are ready for a checkup with Dr. Bot. Bot actually has great skills as a doctor and has great doctor tools. But when checking Geo's heartbeat, he finds that it sounds like a chicken. It turns out that Geo was pulling a prank; he hid a toy chicken on him to fool Dr. Bot.

Then, the group get a call from their friend Mike, who got a new scooter. He took his new scooter to the park to ride it. Unfortunately, mostly because it was his first time, he accidentally crashes. His scooter is not broken, but he scraped his knee, and it really stings. Luckily, Dr. Bot has something that help Mike's knee, a strong bandage. The ultimate objective is to deliver the bandage to Mike.

Sprinkle Cottonballs

The first stop through the park to the playground is the Grassy Hills. Unfortunately, it's time for the sprinklers to water the grass (and spray the team back). Luckily, Dr. Bot has plenty of cotton balls. He launched the cotton balls at the sprinklers, and they stopped spraying water long enough for the team to get passed them.

Soup's Served

There's another obstacle in the way of the team's path, a locked yellow gate. Nearby, they find DoorMouse, who can't unlock the gate since he's caught a nasty cold. Luckily, Dr. Bot always knows the cure to a cold, a bowl of hot soup. He heads over to the soup cart and sees four bowls of soup. Using his special thermometer, he sees that the yellow bowl of soup is the hottest. He tosses a Five Umi-cent coin into the cart's money container and takes the soup back to DoorMouse. Therefore, after spoonfuls of hot soup, DoorMouse feels better and he ended up opening the gate.


Bot has to use an x-ray to find out which duckling's wings matches to their mothers.

Muddy Shrinker

They have to run through the muddy tunnel until the big giant mud balls chase them. Bot has to use a syringe to shrink the big balls, similar to the Indiana Jones scene where the giant ball blocks the path.

Dr. Bot's Job is Done

After the mission is completed, the bandage heals the infection of the skater's injury on his knee, and made him feel so much better to be able to scooter again!




  • Bot is revealed to have some expert skills as a doctor.
  • In this episode, Geo plays a little a prank in which he hides a toy chicken on himself which actually fooled Dr. Bot when he has checked his heartbeat.
  • DoorMouse has the same badge from The Butterfly Dance Show.
  • This is the second time Geo is seen without his shape belt (when you consider his nurse outfit), with Team Umizoomi VS. The Shape Bandit being the first.
  • This is the second time Brownie appears. Brownie's debut was in The Kitty Rescue. It is revealed that Brownie has ability to speak to Doctor Bot.


Math Skills

  • Listening Skills
  • Number Identification
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Bar Graphs
  • Counting
  • Shape Identification
  • Counting Backwards
  • Observation Skills

World Skills

  • Doctors



  • Geo: Hey Bot!
    • Bot: I believe you mean... Doctor Bot.
    • Milli: *giggles*
    • Geo: Oh, right. Doctor Bot.

  • Bot: (gets hit by the sprinklers) Waah!
    • Geo: (gets hit by the sprinklers) Whoah!
    • Milli: (confused) Uhm, guys? (She gets hit by the sprinklers, too) Yaaaaaaah!! Oof!
    • Bot: *gargles* Plah! Whoa!

  • Bot: Wait a second, team... (pulls out steposcope) I hear something.
    • Milli: What is it, Doctor Bot?
    • Bot: I hear..... a celebration coming on!


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