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This was the episode song only from Doctor Bot. Its about how good of a doctor Dr. Bot really is. Whenever someone calls out "Is there a doctor in the house?", Dr. Bot will know just what to do. From trees, to animals and to kids, he can help them all.


The Italics are talking/speaking; not singing.


Milli & Geo: Dr. Bot, on the spot!

Squirrel: Dr. Bot, I don't feel so good...

Dr. Bot: Here you go, Mr. Squirrel.

Take two acorns and call me in the morning.

Milli & Geo: Dr. Bot, on the spot!

Bat: Ow!

Dr. Bot: Oh, this cute little bat isn't blind.

He just needs glasses.

This tree needs sap.

Get me ten CCs of tree sap, stat!

Milli & Geo: Dr. Bot, on the spot!

Frog: Hey, Doc, I'm seeing spots!

Dr. Bot: Totally normal, Mr. Frog.

Brownie: Oh! Dr. Bot, my paw hurts.

Dr. Bot: Oh, you've got a splinter. I'll get that.

Skunk: Hey, Doc, uh, my tail smells kind of funny.

Dr. Bot: Well, you are a skunk.

Milli & Geo: When you're feeling bad, he's got the cure~

Just call Dr. Bot!