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Team Umizoomi must save DoorMouse after he accidently gets launched into space. If the team don't rescue DoorMouse in time, he'll crash land into Mars!


The episode begins at the Umi City Space Center, which according to Geo, “has all kinds of cool things.” Even an actual rocket ship that goes to outer space.

When they head inside they find, as usual, DoorMouse on guard duty.

DoorMouse find his moon cheese in a rocket, but stays too long and blasts off. But it is revealed that he has to be rescued because the rocket was on a crash course to Mars.

Milli, Geo, Bot alone in the space right now and the night is the dark.

When the team find meteors coming their way, Bot uses blasters to take out the meteors.

Team Umizoomi travel to an Alien Planet when their rocket boosters fall off. Bot uses clues to find the alien that has the rocket boosters but the alien used the boosters like socks.

The team need to hurry because DoorMouse is almost at Mars. To go really fast, Milli uses her pattern power to identify which star makes you go faster.

The team rescue DoorMouse and a being endorsed for their greatness on the news for the great space rescue. Without your help, DoorMouse would've crash landed in Mars.



  • Geo reveals and uses his Shape Splitter, which can split any shape in half, for the first time.
  • In one point of this episode, Geo shows his teeth for a moment.
  • When DoorMouse says "You guys really are superheroes!", he never thought they were superheroes.


  • Observation Skills
  • Counting
  • Shape Identification
  • Measuring
  • Patterns
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Astronomy
  • Outer Space



  • Bot: (imitates a speaker) Houston, we have a robot!
    • Milli and Geo: *laugh*
    • Milli: Silly Bot.

  • PA voice: *alarm blares* Warning! Warning! Danger up ahead!

  • DoorMouse: Thanks, Team Umizoomi! You really are super heroes!


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