Team Umizoomi Wiki

Wild Ducks

Umi City Ducks

Mama Ducks

Four mallard ducks seen in Doctor Bot. They were blocking the bridge which was along the fastest way to the playground. It was because they were fighting over the duckling eggs since they had gotten mixed up. Dr. Bot used his x-ray machine to show which eggs belonged to which mama duck. Each duck has a different wing: semi-circle, oval, crescent, and triangle.

Baby Ducklings

Four baby ducks that are the babies of the mama ducks. They each have the same shaped wing as their mama. After the egg situation was handled, they all hatched from their eggs.

Lake Duck

Seen in Lost and Found Toys. He gave the team instructions to find Jonathan, so they can return him his fishing pole.

Rain Ducks

They were seen only in the beginning of Rainy Day Rescue.

Forest Ducks

River Duck

River Duck was only seen in the episode Milli Saves The Day. He told Milli that there was a two-unit hole in some boulders she was heading for. River Duck was part of the supporting chorus for Anything To Help My Friends as well. He was seen again at the end at the picnic, eating honeycakes along with Team Umizoomi and the other forest creatures.

Toy Duckies

Toy Store Duckies

The team rode them in Umi Toy Store, so they could retrieve the five cent coin.

Pipe Ducky

In the episode The Elephant Sprinkler, the team found the cause to the mystery was because a rubber ducky was stuck in the pipe that connects the lake to the water park, They got it unstuck and rode it up the pipe to the sprinkler.


  • When the Pipe Ducky was trapped in the pipe, there was another pipe ducky crisis that was similar. The Berstain Bears episode where Brother and Freddy were looking at jobs, they helped a plumber fixed a pipe that had a ducky stuck in it.