Team Umizoomi Wiki

Fountain Headquarters HQ is the residence and whereabouts of Team Umizoomi. It is also called Team Umizoomi's Secret Headquarters.


If you're in the centre of Umi City Park, you will find a beautiful fountain with a dodecahedron (twelve-sided) crystal on top. But this is not an ordinary fountain...

Story & Origin

It is unknown how Team Umizoomi found this place. This is where Team Umizoomi lives, resides and stays.



  • Bot: green, blue, gold. His room has a bed made of springs and sprockets. Gears and springs theme.
  • Geo: Mostly blue colour. His room has a skate ramp for one of the walls.
  • Milli: Mostly sweet rosy colour. Her room has flowers and butterflies.

The Green Room

It's where Team Umizoomi keeps all kinds of plants and one of Milli's favourite rooms to play Hide-and-Seek.


The colours are yellow and blue. Each of Team Umizoomi has a towel, cup and toothbrush with their colour and/or theme.


It's the room where Team Umizoomi makes all kinds of stuff in the Fountain Headquarters. Like when Milli and Geo made a green hat for Bot on "Just Because I Love You Day" (seen in "Special Delivery"). And when the team gets ready for the picnic (like in "Picnic"). And also where Bot makes breakfast, so the team will have enough to eat, (except for the shortage of milk that was seen in "The Milk Out").

Living Room

Where the team has fun in their spare time. Like having a bubble blowing race (seen in "The Big Boat Race") and playing with their toy train (seen in "The Wild West Toy Train Show").


The Balcony is at the top of the headquarters at the top of the crystal or (to the regular citizens) the top of the Umi City Park Fountain. Whenever Team Umizoomi can't find something, (like when the ice cream truck disappeared) they go up to the balcony, and use their Umigoogles to look over the city. Just as Milli said, you can see the whole city from the balcony.

The Garage

That's Team Umizoomi's garage at the base of the fountain where UmiCar comes out in case the help site is too far. To get to the garage, Milli, Geo and Bot slide down a pneumatic tube then slide down a slide tube (while they slide their colours reflect through the glass of the tube.)