On Halloween, Team Umizoomi meets a friendly and silly ghost named Little Ghost. He needs their help solving four riddles, so he can go to the Ghost Family Costume Party held in the attic of a spooky house.


Intro: Halloween in Umi City

The team is celebrating Halloween just by looking at favorite costumes. They happened on a Little Ghost for a costume party. But to enter the party, the four special clues must be solved.

Entering the Spooky House

That is where the entrance to the Ghost Costume Party is located. The first thing is to unlock the door nine times.

Number Up, or Slide Down

Bot has to step on a correct number on the stairs to move one step closer to the next level to the Ghost Costume Party. Any misstep will result in stair transforming into a slide which move back to the bottom to begin again.

Guard Cat

The black cat is chasing the team, leading them to scary situation. But a dog disguise can scare the cat away.

Pumkpin Patterns

Milli has to fix the pumpkins' pattern feelings (on top and bottom halves) in order to find the secret door to the costume party.

Conclusion: Trick or Treat Celebration

Once the party door is revealed, the Ghost and the Team are actually in the Ghost Costume Party. The Ghost actually is dressed as a hot dog. And Milli dressed like a bee, Geo dressed up as a pirate, and Bot acted as a mummy.



  • This is the Halloween episode, and it only airs in October.
  • This is the first episode with a minor and female antagonist. 


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Counting
  • Number lines
  • Shape Identification
  • Patterns

Special Skill

  • Costume Identification

World Skills

  • Halloween
  • Crazy Mirrors


  • Ghosts Love Halloween


  • Little Ghost: (in his ice cream costume) I "scream" for ice cream. *screams*

  • Little Ghost: (Looks into a mirror) Whoa! Check it out, Team Umizoomi. Silly Mirrors! *laughs* I look humongus!
    • Milli: (Looks into another mirror) This mirror makes me look wavy!
    • Geo: (Looks into a third mirror) I look super tall! *giggles*
    • Bot: (Looks in a "mirror") (Black Cat copies his movements) This mirror makes me look like... a cat?
    • Black Cat: *meows*


Ghost Family Costume Party/Galllery

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