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Gloopy is an alien from a faraway planet called Planet Gloop. He appeared in the only episode Gloopy Fly Home.


On his way back to Planet Gloop, Gloopy has a problem with his space ship. He was forced to crash land on Earth in Umi City, which scattered four of his five magic green stars, which are what make his ship fly all over the city. Luckily for him, he was discovered by Team Umizoomi, who agree to help him get back home by helping find the rest of his magic stars. And during the search, Gloopy and Geo formed a strong friendship.

After all of his stars were found and his ship was powered up, Gloopy was sad to say good-bye to Team Umizoomi. Geo gives him a cresent from his Shape-Belt, so he'll never forget his trip to Earth and his friends.


Gloopy is a friendly alien, who loves to play, travel, and make new friends.