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Team Umizoomi investigate a mysterious crash landing in Umi-City and find an alien named Gloopy. In order to help him get back to his home planet, they have to find his magic green star crystals that power his spaceship.


Intro: Detecting a Discovery

Bot is showing Milli and Geo his Robo-Metal Detector, which can detect metal hidden around. He demonstrates by finding a coin near some flowers. Suddenly, the Robo-Metal Detector begins to beep really fast. The source is in some bushes. Inside, the team finds a spaceship.

Gloopy the Friendly Alien

Near the spaceship, they find an alien name Gloopy, who is from a fun, friendly planet called Gloop. Gloopy's sad because he wants to go back home, but he can't because his spaceship is broken. The trio wants to help, but how can they help? Gloopy shows them a green crystal shaped like a star; it's a magic space star. He places it one of the empty star slots in his spaceship. The space stars give his spaceship the power to fly.

However, he needs five stars total to fly, and the other four stars have been scattered across Umi City after the crashing landing. Now he can't go home to his friends and family. Team Umizoomi decide to help him find the rest of his stars, so he can get back home.

Animal Flowers?!

The search for the stars will be hard, but not too hard; Gloopy's antenna lights up whenever they get near a space star, and there's a space star in the Umi City Gardens. However, some of the flowers are not your run-of-the-mill plants; they're animal flowers, each bigger and grumpier than the last. Getting past the flowers is not possible, but with the right number mushroom, they all hop over all the flowers and soon find the first space star.

Balance Beams

According to Gloopy's antenna, the next space star is in the construction sight.

Team Umizoomi's Promise to Gloopy

Chopping and Popping

Rocks or Crocs

Conclusion: Gloopy's Farewell




Math Skills

  • Hearing Skills
  • Observation Skills
  • Counting Skills
  • Use of Knowledge
  • Number Values
  • Addition
  • Number Lines
  • Patterns
  • Shape Identification

Special Skill

  • Median Numbers

Out of This World Skills

  • Aliens
  • Space ships
  • Planets
  • Metals
  • Lagoons

Super Skills

  • A promise is a promise
  • Friends may have to leave, but they'll never forget you



  • This episode marks one of a few times in which human characters (live-action or animated) do not appear for the whole episode, excluding Milli, Geo, and Bot.


  • Milli: It's not in the butter popcorn.
    • Geo: Not in the caramel.
    • Gloopy: Gloop, gleep.
    • Bot: Not in here! (He eats a popcorn piece)


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