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This is one of the short commercial episodes that promote Team Umizoomi. Featuring celebrity guest star Chef Gordon Ramsay, Milli uses her Pattern Power to fix the short strawberry shortcake. Afterwards, the team gets another problem, they don't plan to be dessert chefs.


Gordon: (to a worker) That salad needs more sesame!

Worker: Right! (👍) (goes to another counter)

Gordon: Where's my Triple Layer Strawberry Shortcake, please? (❓)

(A different worker puts a plate with a pile of strawberries, a blob of whipped cream, and a stack of shortcake on the counter)

Gordon: What's this? (❓) Where are the layers? (❓) I can't sell this! (😞)

UmiCar: Beep! Beep! (he drives up)

Chorus: ♪ Umizoomi, Team Umizoomi! ♪

(The team hops out of UmiCar and on top of the counter)

Gordon: Ah, Team Umizoomi.

Bot: What's cooking, Gordon? (❓)

Gordon: Not dessert. Can you fix this? (❓)

(Team Umizoomi examines the shortcake)

Geo: Hmm, (🤔) the ingredients are right.

Milli: But there's a pattern problem! I'm on it! (👍)

(Spins around to show the correct pattern on her dress)

Pattern of strawberry shortcake! Cake, (🎂) berries, cream!

Milli, Geo, Bot, & Gordon: Cake, (🎂) berries, cream!

Gordon (To the worker): See? (❓) They get it. (👍)

Milli: Watch this! ♪ Pattern Power! ♪

(Turns the ingredients into a deluxe Triple Layer Strawberry Shortcake)

Gordon: (Impressed) Wow! (🤩) That looks right! (👍)

(Music gets suspensful)

But how does it taste? (❓)

(Uses a fork to taste the cake)

(The screen shows Milli, then Geo, and Bot all looking worried)

It's delicious!

Bot: Whew!

Geo: (laughs)

Male Announcer: Team Umizoomi, making math tasty for your preschooler every day!

Gordon: You guys liked to come work for me? (❓)

Geo (Unsure): Uh... (🙄) (Team Umizoomi looks at the worker who shakes his head fast)

Milli (Makes an alibi): Was that the UmiAlarm? (❓)

Bot: Gotta go! (They hop off the counter and into UmiCar)

Geo: Bye, Gordon! (👋) (UmiCar drives off)

Gordon: Guys! Something I said? (❓)



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