Grog is a mean goblin who lives in the Sunshine Forest's deep dark swamp. His only appearance was in The Sunshine Fairy. He is voiced by Donovan Patton.


He stole Sunny's sunshine power by storing it in a magic jar. He tried many attempts to stop Sunny and Team Umizoomi from getting the sunshine power back. He closed a giant door and woke up the Dragon Flowers. In the end he helped pull the jar out of the sinking sludge and was very sorry for what he did. He knew it was wrong, and he only did to lighten up the swamp. Sunny tells him that he should have just asked and then, using her sunshine powers, she makes plants, flowers, and trees flourish, purifies the sinking sludge into crystal clear water, and gives sunshine to the whole swamp, which wasn't a swamp anymore.


Grog is a goblin that's purple with short indigo hair on his head.


  • "Oop, waddle, waddle!"
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