Team Umizoomi sang this song in Haircut Hijinx. The message of the song states that you can make your hair look like anything you want it to be. Long, short, spiky, puffy, and so many other ways you can do to your hair.

NOTE:The italic words are speaking not singing.



I love getting my haircut.

Geo: Me too. It´s so much fun.

Milli: It's been so long, since I cut my hair

So many styles anyone can wear

Long hair, from my head down to my toes

Geo: You don't have to try

Just give it time and watch how long it grows

Short hair, spike it like a porcupine

Milli: When I keep it straight

I like to shape cutting it all the time

Long hair

Geo: Short hair

Bot: Curly hair

Team Umizoomi: Straight hair

It's your hair

Wear it any way you want it

It's your hair

Milli: Baby, you just gotta flaw it

Team Umizoomi: It's your hair

Bot: Can I get a witness

Team Umizoomi: Big, Bigger, Biggest!!!

It's your hair

GeoWhoo-hoo. Check out this doo.

Team Umizoomi: It's your hair

Milli: Look! I can make a braid!

Team Umizoomi: It's your hair

Bot Over (3x)

Geo Under (3x)

Team Umizoomi It´s your hair

Bot: World's tallest mohawk!

Team Umizoomi: It's your hair

Bot: Actually, I prefer no hair. Smooth.

Team Umizoomi: It's your hair


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