This one of the short commercial episodes that promote Team Umizoomi. Featuring the amazing racer Jeff Gordon, Geo helps with a "wheel" big shape problem.


P.A.: Number twenty-four: Jeff Gordon!

Jeff: (looks at the wheels on his race car) Huh? Triangles? Where's my pit crew?

UmiCar: *honks* (he appears and Team Umizoomi hops out and on Jeff's car)

Milli: We can help Jeff!

Jeff: Team Umizoomi?

Bot: Those wheels are in no shape to race.

Jeff: You got that right! Is there something you can do about this?

Geo: No problem! (hops off the car down to the wheels) Circles! Super Shapes! (turns the triangles into circles) Now, you're ready to roll!

Jeff: Thanks, Geo! I'm gonna run 'circles' around those other guys. Hey, UmiCar.

UmiCar: *honks*

Jeff: Let's see what you can do.

Milli: (hops in UmiCar) It's on!

Male Announcer: Team Umizoomi, turbo charging your kids' math powers everyday!

(Jeff in his race car and UmiCar with Milli and Geo inside him are ready at the starting line with Bot holding a green flag)

Bot: Who-Hoo! (waves the flag down and the race starts)

Milli & Geo: Wha-Hoo!

Bot: Whoo!


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