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Zilch, the math-hating wizard, locks the King of Numbers in his Crooked Tower. In order to free him, Team Umizoomi must recover all three keys to the tower door.


Intro: Invitation to Numberland

Team Umizoomi is inside Fountain Headquarters in their living room. Nothing has happened for a while, and things have been dull for the team. Then, a humming bird appears at the window. She has a card in her beak. It was a letter for the team. Bot accepts the letter from her, and she flies away. Bot opens the letter and discovers it's an invitation from their friend The King of Numbers. He wants them to come visit him in his kingdom, Numberland. The only way to get to Numberland is to clap three times. The team claps their hands three and are magically transported to Numberland.

They meet up with the King of Numbers. His kingdom has so many numbers, you can't even count them. The best part of Numberland is that everyone in the kingdom loves numbers.

Zilch's Plot

Actually, there's someone who hates numbers, a grumpy, green wizard named Zilch, who lived in the Crooked Tower on the edge of the kingdom. Zilch comes by and has had with all the numbers in Numberland. The king tells him that Numberland will always have numbers, as long as he's around. Zilch gets the idea to get rid of the king. Using his magic staff, he locks the king in the Crooked Tower.

Zilch shows Team Umizoomi the only way that the tower can be open, the three magic Shape Keys, which he throws far away. Zilch hops on a log, but the log causes him to roll away with the log. He yells out, "You haven't seen the last of me, Team Umizoomi!" Bot hopes they don't see him for a while.

Team Umizoomi has to free the king, or else Numberland will fade away. They have to retrieve the three Shape Keys to free the king. The first key is the Star Key. So the magical journey begins.

Square Beard

The team finds them outside of Numberland and on the shores of Shape Sea. Geo, using his Umi-Goggles, finds the Star Key on a little faraway island. Both Geo and Bot wonder how to get to the island, and Milli notices a giant pirate ship right nearby them. The ship would work, but there's a problem, there's no pirate to drive a giant pirate ship. Geo builds his own pirate so they can set sail and call him Square Beard.

Symmetry for a Crocodile

Zilch uses his staff to create a hungry crocodile spell to slow down the Team's progress while sailing. Geo feeds the crocodile a pineapple, a pretzel, and a pepperoni pizza.

Zilch is unhappy the Team got past the crocodile. He tries to do another spell, but he gets blown away by a whale. Eventually, Geo gets the Star Key. 

Relic Cave

The Team discover a Relic Cave. When they try to go in, the cave closes and the only way in is blocked.

Bot's Uncovering

Bot counts from numbers 1-9 and uses his robot brush and laser to place the numbers and add the missing numbers.

The Lion's Bridge

Zilch suddenly breaks the Lion's bridge in half, preventing the team from getting the Diamond Key. Two lion cubs help them telling them the rocks have numbers. Bot listens for the number of daddy lion's roars so he can safely step on a rock with the matching number and get the Diamond Key. If you step on the wrong number, you'll fall into the water. But Bot has a long way to get back! Luckily, the Diamond Key was on a rope, then he uses the rope like a lasso to attach it to a cave pillar, then he swings back safely!

Mine Cart Chase

The Team find an old minecart they can use to get to the Heart Key. However, Zilch steals the minecart, but Geo builds another one. Suddenly, Zilch splits the tracks into two and the team need to follow the track that keeps going so they don't fall off.

Race to Pattern Peak

Milli races Zilch to the Heart Key by climbing up some crystals. Zilch tries to stop her by creating a mudball spell. Milli climbs the crystals in this sequence: red, yellow, green.

Milli and the Dragon

When Zilch finds out Milli caught up with him and has had enough, he creates a grumpy dragon spell so Milli can't get past and Zilch could get the Heart Key. Milli uses her pattern power to make the dragon laugh so she could get past. The sequence was: pancake, toothbrush, polk-a-dot shoe. To make things even funnier, Milli stacked the funny dragon objects on her head! Milli sees Zilch almost at the top, and then she asks the dragon to fly her to the top, and she grabs the Heart Key just before Zilch did.

Back to NumberLand

Team Umizoomi fly on the Dragon's back to get back to Numberland and rescue the King of Numbers. Along the way, they see the lions and Square Beard cheering for them!

Zilch's Ultimate Final Spell

When Team Umizoomi approach the tower's steps, they are stopped by Zilch, who decides to use all of the magic he has for his ultimate, powerful. final spell: A growth spell that turns himself into a giant, big enough to block the entrance to the tower and prevent Team Umizoomi from completing their quest.

However, using Milli's Measurement Powers, they are able to measure up Zilch's size and break the spell by counting down from 10 and causing Zilch to shrink down to 1.

With Zilch's last spell broke, his staff breaks and he no longer has any more magic to wield. Defeated and upset that he could not do any more magic, Zilch stomps off angrily muttering to himself.

Conclusion: Royal Rescue

The Team rescue the King from the tower and bring Numberland back to life. Everybody is happy he is rescued, except Zilch. Then, Team Umizoomi teaches him how to count, and he now loves numbers!




  • The film's alternate title is "King of Numbers".
  • This film is one of the six game remakes from Umi City Mighty Missions.
  • This is also the very first Team Umizoomi full-length movie ever made.
  • Zilch says "I feel a celebration coming on!" instead of Bot, though his disco ball still comes up.


Math Skills

  • Symmetry
  • Patterns
  • Measurements
  • Number Identification
  • Counting
  • Counting Backwards
  • Shape Identification
  • Observation Skills
  • Number Order

World Skills

  • Letters
  • Sea
  • Caves
  • Mountains

Super Skills

  • Try it, you will like it.



  • Geo: Whoa, it sure is dark in here.
    • Bot: I can fix that! (his antenna turns into a flashlight which creates a light) Just be careful, and remember to watch your ste- (suddenly trips and falls down) EP! Oof! -step...
    • Geo: *giggles* Oh, Bot. We got ya', buddy. (Milli and Geo help Bot up)
    • Bot: (relieved) *whew* Thanks, guys.
    • Milli: *giggles*

  • Zilch: Oh no! But that was my last spell! (his staff cracks and breaks) NOOOO!! I can't do any more magic! (stomps off angrily)


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