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Lake Umi is the lake and resevoir of Umi City. It is a hundred meters deep (three hundred thirty feet) and is a popular fishing area.

Episode Appearances


  • Lake Duck: (to learn more information about him, click here)
  • Frog Boaters: Eight frogs seen in Lost and Found Toys when they offered a boat ride to Milli, so she can return the fishing pole to Johnathan.
  • Seagull: It was only seen waving through the submarine's periscope in the Submarine song.
  • Fish: There are a lot of different kinds of fish down in the lake. All of them are really helpful and know their way around the lake. They'll help anyone... if they can speak fish.

Transportation Vehicles

  • Fishing boats: Fishermen often use these boats to catch fish. In Lost and Found Toys, Jonathan, along with his brother and grandpa, were fishing in the lake.
  • Frog Boat: (read Frog Boaters above)
  • The Yellow Submarine: Geo made this submarine in The Boy with the Dragon Skateboard, so the team can get to the bottom of the lake and get one of the orange wheels. They also sang the Submarine song to show how much they love being in their "yellow submarine." The submarine is really an allusion (or parody) to The Beatles' song "Yellow Submarine."