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The team goes into the video game "Math Dragons". In order to win the game, they must collect three dragon eggs before they crash into a pitfall.


Intro: New Game Room

The episode begins when Milli slides down the slide to introduce herself (so does Geo and Bot). Then Milli shows one of her matching games in which two butterfly colors are the same. Shortly, Bot rolled the dice on a board game similar to Trouble board game.

Math Dragons

The objective is to retrieve the purple, green, and yellow dragon eggs, before the team falls into a series of traps during the virtual game.

Level One

They have to pass through the passageway filled with meat-eating plants and the stinky dragon, just by following the numbers in ascending order.

Super Dragon Ride

Milli has to reach the top of the mountain and even retrieve the purple dragon egg by riding on the Big Dragon. However, obstacles block her way as she turned her dress into the following pattern: Log, Log, and Rock.

Level Two

In the second passageway, the team reached the haunted house, passing through spiders, wrecking balls, and the infamous stinky dragon.

Flight of Opposites

Bot has to find a dragon that soars up, which is different from all the other dragons (others tend to fly down).

Level Three

In the third and final passageway, they have to pass through a cave full of bats, volcanoes, and the stinky dragon.

Chomp on the Action

The number of chomps the dragon equals to the numbers of the shape's sides. Geo has to use super critical thinking skills to pass those dragons.

Conclusion: Baby Math Dragons

Shape dragon (yellow female), Pattern Dragon (green male), Number Dragon (purple male), are all hatched once the game mission is completed successfully.


  • Team Umizoomi
  • Dragons
    • The Stinky Dragon (antagonist)
    • The Big Dragon
    • The Flying Dragons
    • The Chomping Dragons
    • The Baby Math Dragons (Shape dragon, Number Dragon, and Pattern Dragon)



  • This is the very first time the team actually goes inside a video game, a storybook, a motion picture on television, a framed picture, or a game on a computer. This visual activity is a clone from Disney's Stanley with which Stanley jumps into "The Great Big Book of Everything."
  • This is the third episode to have a minor antagonist but the first to have a male antagonist. The other two were both females.
  • The baby dragons have no connection to the PBS television series: Barney and Friends (except the colors are the same as Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ; only the concluding dragons are somewhat smaller).


  • The Big Dragon's saddle on his back is very similar to the saddle on Yoshi from the Super Mario Bros. series.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Differences and Similarities
  • Patterns
  • Counting Forwards and Backwards
  • Shape Identification
  • High Numbers

World Skills

  • Video Games



  • Geo: Ooh! Check out this cool cave!
    • Milli: Yikes! Watch out for out for the bats!
    • (all duck their heads as the bats fly over them)
  • Bot: Phew! (sniffs) Uh oh. I smell the...ugh!
  • Milli and Bot: Stinky Dragon!
  • Geo: Run!
    • Stinky Dragon: *snorts*

  • Milli: I see the way out!
  • Bot: Quick! Shut the door! (Geo pulls a rope and a big gate lowers)
    • Stinky Dragon: Awww! That "stinks!" *snorts* (walks away)


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