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This is the transcript for "Let's Play Math Dragons!".


Milli: Wheee! Hi! It's me, Milli.

Geo: Whoohoo! I'm Geo!

Bot: And I'm Bot...! Oof. Guess what, Umi friend? Today, we're playing in our new game room! Check it out! It's got all kinds of cool stuff. Like a slide...

Milli: A race track...

Geo: And it's even got an arcade game! Wahoo!

Milli: I like this game. Butterfly matching game! You have to find 2 butterflies that look exactly the same. Which 2 butterflies look the same? Yeah! The 2 blue butterflies look the same! They match!

Bot: Hey hey! Check out the game I'm playing. It's a robo-board game! And it's my turn! Come on! Ooh. What number did I get? 5! Count 5 spaces with me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Ha! I won the game! Whoo-hoo!

Geo: Hey, everybody! My favorite game is a video game! Do you like video games? Yeah! Cause you're definitley going to play this one! It's called "Math Dragons"!

(Dragons roar)

Mili, Bot: Wow!

Bot: Math and dragons? Those are 2 of my favorite things!

Geo: To play Math Dragons, we need to go inside the game! Follow me!

Milli, Bot: Whoa.

Geo: Come on, guys.

Milli: Let's go!

Bot: Wait for me! Wahoo! Great gizmos! We're inside the video game!

Geo: Wow! Look at all those dragons!

Game Announcer: Welcome to Math Dragons, Team Umizoomi! Are you ready to start the game?

Geo: Yeah!

Milli: We sure are! How do we play?

Game Announcer: To win Math Dragons, you must find these dragon eggs.

Bot: Ooh. How many eggs is that? 3! There's a purple egg, a green egg, and a yellow egg.

Game Announcer: The eggs are in 3 different colors.

Milli: What happens if we find all 3 eggs?

Game Announcer: You must place them inside the nest. And the dragon eggs will hatch!

Team Umizoomi: Wow!

Bot: So, to win the game, we have to find the 3 dragon eggs.

Milli: Come on! We can do it!

Geo: But, we're going to need your help! Will you help us win Math Dragons? All right! Team Umizoomi...

Team Umizoomi: It's time for action!

Milli: The first thing we need is in level 1. Excuse me, can you show us how to get to level 1?

Game Announcer: To reach level 1, walk through this passage way, and follow the numbers.

Bot: Thank you.

Game Announcer: You're welcome. Good luck, Team Umizoomi!

Milli: Whoa! What a cool passageway!

Bot: Yikes! Look out for those plants! They have teeth!

Geo: Help us follow the numbers. Count with us.

Team Umizoomi: 1, 2, 3...ahh! 4.

Geo: We have to keep following the numbers in order. What number comes after 4? 5! Yeah!

Team Umizoomi: 5!

Milli: (sniffs) Ugh. P.U.! I smell something stinky.

Bot: Phew-wee! I wonder what it is.

Stinky Dragon: (snorts) It's me! The Stinky Dragon.

Team Umizoomi: (gasp) The Stinky Dragon?

Stinky Dragon: 🎵I'm the Stinky Dragon, I'm coming for you🎵

🎵Whenever I'm near people say "P.U."🎵

Milli, Geo: P.U.!

Stinky Dragon: 🎵Flowers wilt when I'm messing through🎵

🎵I smell worse than a skunk🎵

Bot: That's one strong punk!

Stinky Dragon: 🎵I'm the Stinky Dragon🎵


Bot: Phew! We've gotta get away from that Stinky Dragon!

Stinky Dragon: (snorts)

Milli: Count with us. Start with 6!

Team Umizoomi: 6! 7! 8! 9!

Milli: What number comes next? 10!

Team Umizoomi: 10! 11! 12!

Bot: Phew-wee!

Geo: I see the way out!

Milli: Shut the door!

Stinky Dragon: Aww! That stinks!

Bot: Phew. Thanks for helping us get away from that Stinky Dragon.

Geo: Hey, look! We made it to level 1!

Bot: The purple dragon egg has to be around here somewhere.

Milli: Where do you see the purple dragon egg? There it is! Way up at the top of that mountain!

Geo: We've gotta get up there and get that egg!


Game Announcer: Team Umizoomi, the only way to reach the purple egg, is to ride up the mountain.

Bot: Ride up the mountain? On what?

Game Announcer: On the Big Dragon!

Team Umizoomi: The Big Dragon?

Game Announcer: 🎵The Big Dragon is a powerful guy🎵

🎵Stomping and smashing everything in sight🎵

🎵Hop on his back and go for a ride🎵

🎵He'll take you up the mountain side🎵

Big Dragon: (roars)

Milli: I can ride that Big Dragon! Come on!

Big Dragon: (roars)

Milli: Hi-ho, Big Dragon!

Geo: Go, Milli!

Bot: Go get that purple egg!

Milli: To the top of the mountain, big fella!

Big Dragon: (roars)

Milli: Oh, no! Look! All the logs and rocks are headed right for us! But, we can get past them with my...🎵Pattern Power!🎵 To get up the mountain, the Big Dragon has to stomp on a log, stomp on another log, and then, smash a rock on his tail! Stomp, stomp, smash! That's the pattern. (gasps) Here they come! Stomp, stomp, smash! Stomp, stomp, smash! Wahoo! It's working! Say the pattern with me! Stomp, stomp, smash! Stomp, stomp, smash! Stomp, stomp...what comes next? Smash! Whoohoo! Nice job! Hey, look! We're almost at the top of the mountain! Uh-oh! But, here comes even more logs and rocks! Keep saying the pattern! Stomp, stomp, smash! Stomp, stomp, smash! What comes next? Stomp! Now what? Stomp! What comes next? Smash! Wahoo!

Big Dragon: (roars)

Milli: We found the purple dragon egg!

Bot: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Geo: Way to go, Milli!

Milli: Thanks for your help, Umi friend.


Game Announcer: Congratulations! You may put the purple dragon egg into the nest.

Milli: Okay!

Bot: Alright, team! We got 1 egg. But we need to put all 3 dragon eggs in the nest to win the video game. How many more eggs do we need? 2!

Geo: That's right. And to find the next dragon egg, we'll have to go into level 2.

Game Announcer: This way to level 2. Just remember, you must follow the numbers.

Geo: Come on, team!

Bot: Let's keep counting to get to the next level. Count with us. Start with 13.

Team Umizoomi: 13, 14, 15.

Bot: What number comes next? 16!

Team Umizoomi: 16!

Milli: (sniffing)

Bot: Hmmm.

Milli: Uh-oh. I smell something stinky! Who is it?

Stinky Dragon: (snorting)

Milli: The Stinky Dragon!

Geo: P.U.!

Milli: Let's get out of here!

Stinky Dragon: (snorts)

Milli: Keep counting with us. Start with 17!

Team Umizoomi: 17, 18, 19.

Milli: What number comes next? 20!

Team Umizoomi: 20!

Bot: I see the way out!

Milli: Hurry! Shut the door!

Stinky Dragon: Hmm? Aww! That stinks! Hmph!

Bot: Phew. That is one strong punk.

Milli: Thanks for helping us Umi friend.

Geo: Hey, look where we are! This must be level 2!

Milli: The green dragon egg has to be here somewhere.

Bot: Help us look for it. Where do you see the green dragon egg? There it is! On that cloud!

Geo: Whoa. I wonder how we're supposed to get up there.


Game Announcer: Team Umizoomi, to reach the green egg, you must fly up on the Flying Dragons!

🎵Flying Dragons soar all through the sky🎵

🎵They take you for a ride🎵

🎵Some fly up and some fly down🎵

🎵Hop on, give it a try🎵

Bot: Flying Dragons? Cool! Leave this one to me. He-yah! Okay, dragon. Up you go. Whoa!

Geo: Bot, jump!

Bot: Oof.

Milli: Bot, that was a Down Dragon. That kind of dragon can only fly down.

Geo: To get up to the egg, you have to fly on the Up Dragon. To find an Up Dragon, you have to pick the dragon that looks different.

Bot: Ahhh. Help me find an Up Dragon. Which of these dragons look different? Yeah! That one looks different. It yellow spots. All the other dragons have pink spots. He-yah! Whoo-hoo! We found an Up Dragon! Whoa! We're flying higher! Uh-oh. The Up Dragon ran out of flying power. This is as high as he can go. To keep flying to the egg, we need to find another Up Dragon. Remember, the Up Dragon is the one that looks different. Which dragon looks different? That one! It's stripes are thicker than the others! He-yah! Here we go! Ya-ha-ha-hoo! Oh. But, this dragon can't go up no more. Help me find another Up Dragon. Which dragon looks different? Right! That one has zig-zags. All the other dragons have stripes. Yah! (laughs) I'm almost at the egg! Ooh, he ran out of flying power! Which dragon looks different? Yeah! That one has checkers. All the other dragons have spots. Yah! Going up! He-yah! Ta-da! We got the egg!

Geo: All right!

Milli: Way to go, Bot!


Game Announcer: Well done, Bot! You may now put the green dragon egg into the nest.

Bot: In you go. Check it out. Now we have 2 eggs. Ha-ha. How many more eggs do we need? 1! We only need to find 1 more egg!

Game Announcer: That's right. And you can find the last dragon egg on...level 3!

Milli: Come on, guys!

Geo: Ooh, check out this cool cave.

Milli: Yikes! Watch out for the bats!

Bot: Phew. (sniffs) Uh-oh. I smell the...ugh!

Milli, Bot: Stinky Dragon!

Geo: Run!

Stinky Dragon: (snorts)

Bot: Count the numbers with us. Start with 21.

Team Umizoomi: 21, 22, 23, 24.

Milli: What number comes next? 25!

Team Umizoomi: 25!

Bot: Oh! P.U.! Let's get out of here! Keep counting. Start with 26!

Team Umizoomi: 26, 27, 28.

Milli: What comes next? 29! Keep counting!

Team Umizoomi: 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35.

Milli: I see the way out!

Bot: Quick! Shut the door!

Stinky Dragon: Aww! That stinks!

Milli: We made it!

Geo: Whoa. Check it out, team! Level 3 is underwater!

Milli: Help us find the last dragon egg. Where do you see the yellow dragon egg? There it is! At the edge of the underwater maze!

Bot: Let's go get the last dragon egg!


Game Announcer: But, wait! To get to the end of the maze, you must get past...the Chomping Dragon!

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Bot: Snapping software! Chomping Dragons?

Game Announcer: 🎵Chomping Dragons always eating🎵

🎵On their favorite food they're feeding🎵

🎵Circles, squares, diamonds too🎵

🎵Eating shapes is what they do🎵

Chomping Dragons: (chomp)

Geo: So, to get past the Chomping Dragons, we just have to feed them shapes.

Bot: Let's go for it.

Team Umizoomi: Swim gear on!

Milli: Yikes! A dragon!

Geo: To figure out what shape the dragon needs, we have to count his chomps. Let's listen carefully and count each chomp we hear. Count the chomps with me.

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 1...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 2...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: (gasps) 3 chomps! That means he wants to eat a shape with 3 sides. Which shape has 3 sides? The triangle. Yeah. Open wide, Chompy!

Chomping Dragon: (chomps, gulp)

Bot: Way to go, Geo!

Milli: Let's keep swimming. Yikes! Another Chomping Dragon!

Geo: We better find a shape to feed this guy, too! Let's count the chomps to see which shape he wants to eat. Count with me!

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 1...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 2...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 3...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 4! 4 chomps! This dragon wants to eat a shape with 4 sides. Which shape had 4 sides? The rectangle. Right. Here you go!

Chomping Dragon: (chomps, gulp) Mmm!

Geo: Swim that-a-way, gang! To the dragon egg!

Milli: Uh-oh! Another Chomping Dragon!

Geo: Let's figure out what shape this dragon wants to eat. Count with me.

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 1...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 2...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 3...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 4...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 5! 5 chomps! This dragon wants to eat a shape with 5 sides. Which shape has 5 sides? The pentagon! Yeah! Open wide!

Chomping Dragon: (chomps, gulp) Mmm!

Bot: Nice one, Geo!

Geo: Let's keep going.

Bot: Yoinks-a-doinks! That's the biggest Chomping Dragon yet!

Geo: We've gotta feed him! Count the chomps with me.

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 1...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 2...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 3...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 4...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 5...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 6...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 7...

Chomping Dragon: (chomps)

Geo: 8! This dragon wants to eat a shape with 8 sides. Whcih shape has 8 sides? The octagon! Yeah! Say "ah"!

Chomping Dragon: Ah! (chomps, gulp) Mmm!

Geo: The Chomping Dragon is gone! And there's the yellow dragon egg! We got it!


Game Announcer: Congratulations, Team Umizoomi! You found the last dragon egg!

Bot; Now we have all 3 eggs!

Milli: Go on, Geo! Put it in the nest!

Geo: Okay! Now, to make the dragon eggs hatch, say "3, 2, 1, Math Dragons"!

Team Umizoomi: 3, 2, 1, Math Dragons!

Milli: (gasps) They're hatching!

Geo: Whoa!

Bot: I can't wait to see what's inside!

Geo: Whoa, they're baby Math Dragons!

Milli: They're so cute! Aww, look. This little guy has a colorful pattern of scales. He's a baby Pattern Dragon.

Bot: This one has numbers on him. He's a baby Number Dragon.

Geo: And this one has lots of different shapes. She's a Shape Dragon!

Baby Dragons: (cooing)

Milli: Aww. The baby dragons are so happy we hatched them.

Bot: Coochie-coochie-coo.

Geo: Thanks for helping us win the video game. We couldn't have done all 3 dragon eggs without you.

Bot: I feel a celebration coming on!

Team Umizoomi: 2, 4, 6, 8, let's do the Crazy Shake!

Milli: 🎵Let's celebrate🎵

Geo: 🎵A job well done🎵

Bot: 🎵Let's crazy shake🎵

Team Umizoomi: 🎵And have some fun!🎵

🎵Everybody Crazy Shake!🎵

Dragons: (laughing and whooping)

Bot: 🎵Mighty🎵

Geo: 🎵Mighty🎵

Milli: 🎵Mighty🎵

Team Umizoomi: 🎵Math Powers!🎵