Little Ghost is a friendly ghost that Team Umizoomi meets in Ghost Family Costume Party.


When Team Umizoomi first met him, he wore an ice cream cone costume, which he soon changed into a banana costume. He soon revealed himself to be a ghost. For some reason, Team Umizoomi was more excited than scared to meet him because most people get scared when they see a ghost. He asked them to help him solve four riddles so he can go to the Ghost Family Costume Party.


Little Ghost has a big family of ghosts. Below is a list with what costume they wore to the party. Only the first four are the only ones that we know in his family. The rest are unkown how he's related to them.

  • Mother (Queen)
  • Father (Cowboy)
  • Grandmother (Witch)
  • Grandfather (Vampire)
  • (Dinosaur)


Little Ghost calls himself the silliest ghost in town. He loves to wear costumes and make jokes out of them. He is very friendly and let's Team Umizoomi come with him to the Ghost Family Costume Party.

Costume List

This is the list of all the costumes that Little Ghost wore.

  • Duck
  • Chicken
  • Telephone
  • Shoe
  • Banana
  • Ice cream cone
  • Cow
  • Dog
  • Hot Dog
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