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Team Umizoomi meets a baby panda named Little Joe, and they must help him get back to his home and family before the event comes nearly too late.



Team Umizoomi is over by the playground. Over by the bench, they meet their friend Gabby and her little sister Emma. They see what a great big sister Gabby is to Emma. The two then go off to play together over at the slide.

Breaking News

Suddenly, the 2468 News announces breaking news. The team goes to hear and learn that Little Joe, the baby panda, has been reported missing from the Panda House. His parents are looking for him at the house, but they can't find him. 



  • We Are Team Umizoomi is played instead of Time for Action in this episode, which means that this episode was produced before Season four and is the last time that song was heard.
  • Also, Milli, Geo, and Bot don't even say "It's time for action!" in this episode.
  • DoorMouse appears in this episode, and he's wearing golf attire.
  • Logan makes an appearance in this episode, except his skateboard is a yellow board and not a dragon board like in The Boy with the Dragon Skateboard.
  • Umizoomi makes the first word of Little Joe.
  • The song, "Turkey in the Straw" plays when the golf ball zooms through the Wild West course.


Math Skills

  • Shape Identification
  • Observation Skills
  • Using Your Knowledge
  • Measuring
  • Counting
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Number Identification
  • Memorization

World Skills

  • Siblings
  • Safety
    • Street Crossing
    • Food
    • Water
  • Mini-Golf
  • Circus Show

Super Skills

  • Nuture and Care



  • Bot: I don't mean to brag, but I've done a bit of golfing in my day.

  • Reporter: Is there something you'd like to say, Little Joe?
    • Little Joe: Umizoomi!

  • Reporter: And there you have it; Team Umizoomi saved the day once again! Take it away, Bot!


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