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The team has return three lost toys to their three sad friends.


Intro: Favorite Toys

Milli's favorite toy is a wind-up bunny, Bot's favorite is a rocket ship, and Geo's a fire engine.

The Lost and Found

It is a box where a lost item is placed in a special container until someone claims. Josie lost her horse, for example. That event was sorrowful!

Fishing Up Frogs

Milli had to catch up on a boat with fishermen on it, in which Jonathan has to have his fishing pole back. Her objective is to find a way to balance the beam with the same number of frogs on both sides On the boat.

Bridge Over a Limb

In Acorn Street, the team has to get past the fire hydrants. But Geo has to build a plank from the tree to make it to Mike's flat window to turn in the train.

Cat Tunnel

Multiple cats block the path towards the football field. The team has to give the cats their corresponding toys so they can proceed to the path.

Conclusion: The Big Game

The baseball glove has been retrieved by Renee just in time for the big baseball game!




  • Mike has also appeared in Doctor Bot when he had scraped his knee.
  • Jonathan was also in the episode "The Kitty Rescue" when his kitten Brownie was trapped in a well.
  • Renee has believed to have appeared in "Job Well Done" when Bot by taxi drove her and her father to the baseball game.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Counting
  • Weighing
  • Number Order
  • Shape Identification
  • Charts
  • Using Clues

Special Skills

  • Using Your Knowledge
  • Toys & Games

World Skills

  • Baseball games
  • Favorite Toys



  • Geo: Count six flower pots with me. One, two...
    • Bot: Whoop! That's a gnome.
    • Milli and Geo: *laugh*