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  • Milli is a counterpart to Samuel Lovebird from Third & Bird.
    • They are both protagonists in the series. (Third & Bird for Samuel, Team Umizoomi for Milli.)
    • Their ages are both confirmed. (Both of them have definite age.) Samuel is five, while Milli is six.
    • They both have good friends.(Eliot for Samuel and DoorMouse for Milli.)
    • Quit flicking it!
    • They both have their younger sibling (Deuteragonists) and best friends (Tritagonists) that are opposite gender to them. For Samuel, Muffin is his younger sister and Rudy is his best friend. For Milli, Geo is her younger brother and Bot is her best friend.
    • They both love and care for their younger sibling, but they don't get their ideas first.
    • Both are fearless to teach her/his younger sibling Muffin and Geo about facing her/his fears.
    • Both saved their younger siblings from trouble. Samuel saved Muffin in episode Beach Branch! While Milli saved Geo in episode Milli Saves The Day.
  • Milli is also similar from Leo from the Little Einsteins as they are both leader of the four members with a younger sibling of the opposite gender.
  • Milli is simmilar to Skye in PAW Patrol for being the unique ability and key color is pink.
  • Milli loves strawberry milk. Strawberry Milkshake Recipe | Easy Strawberry Shake Recipe › watch