Team Umizoomi Wiki

These characters appeared in some of the movies from Movie Madness!.


An admiral is a high-ranked pilot. This admiral is in the Airplanes movie, where he asked Team Umizoomi to help take down Trouble Truck, who is a plane in this movie.

Mountain Climber

In her movie, she was trying to climb a tall mountain called Umi Mountain; she wanted to be the first person to climb to the top. She was some of the characters Team Umizoomi asked if they had seen Big Trouble around. Milli asked her, but she didn't seen anyone matching the description. After Milli leaves, the mountain climber notices a small pink flag planted on the peak of Umi Mountain.

The Prince and the Princess

These two royal lovebirds were some of the characters asked if they had seen Big Trouble around. Bot asked them, but they don't know anyone by that name. After Bot leaves, the Princess thought that he looked dashing, which is medieval for good-looking.

The Pirates

These happy singing pirates were some of the characters asked they had seen Big Trouble around. Geo asked them, but they said that they are the only ones out there.

The Dinosaurs

In the last movie, it is a wild dinosaur adventure. Milli rode on a dinosaur to catch up with Big Trouble, who was riding a dinosaur too.