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Numberland is a fictional and magical kingdom that appeared in "Journey to Numberland".

Known Residents

King of Numbers: One famous friend of Team Umizoomi who loves numbers more than anything and is the ruler of Numberland Kingdom.

Subjects: The subjects are all little kids who love numbers almost as much as their King.

Zilch: A grumpy wizard who hates numbers.

Governmental Structure

It appears that Numberland is an Absolute Monarchy. King of Numbers seems to rule with absolute authority as seen by his use of the mercenary force Team Umizoomie to eliminate the dissenting citizen Zilch.

Numberland's Magic


The Number Castle

The King's home fills with assortment(s) of number(s).

The Number Gardens

Beautiful gardens that are full of beautiful flowers with numbers on them.

The Crooked Tower

This was where Zilch the wizard lived until he locked the King of Numbers in the tower. The team soon obtained all three of the keys and rescued the king.

Special Items

Number Gumballs

These are magical gumballs. If you chew on one, you'll blow a bubble in the shape of a number. They were also used as bonus points in the game version of Journey to Numberland.