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Pattern Peak is the tallest mountain in the land.

Episode Appearances


Team Umizoomi and Zilch were racing in mine carts to get the Heart Key and end up at Pattern Peak, where the Heart Key was at the peak of the mountain. Soon, Milli and Zilch were racing to the top, and neither one was willing to give in so easily. Zilch tried to use his magic by making giant mudballs to stop Milli, but her Pattern Power was too much for his mudballs. He soon tried a spell that made a grumpy dragon blocking her path. Milli used her Pattern Powers again to make the dragon laugh who soon gave her a ride up the mountain and she grabbed the Heart Key right before Zilch could. After that, Milli and Dragon flew down the mountain, picked up Geo and Bot along the way, and they all flew back to Numberland.


Dragons (not to be confused with the Dragons from the episode Let's Play Math Dragons!: Even though Zilch made her, she made her home at Pattern Peak.

The Mountain's Areas

The Base

Geo and Bot both waited at the bottom while Milli raced against Zilch for the Heart Key.

Crystal Cliff

This area is just above the base and it has crystals covered all over the high cliff. Milli climbed up the cliff by swinging on the crystals. She soon had to follow a crystal pattern to avoid the mudballs and get up the cliff. She was able to reach the top of the cliff without a mud stain on her dress.

Ivy Cliff

This cliff has a lot of ivy which Milli used to keep up with Zilch. It's also where they sang "You Won't Get The Key".


Zilch was fed up with Milli always keeping up with him at this point. He used his magic to make a grumpy dragon spell, but Milli used her Pattern Power to make the dragon laugh. As thanks, she gave Milli a ride up to the top of the mountain.


The Heart Key lies in wait here. Zilch was about to grab it, but the dragon swooped in and Milli grabbed the key right before he did.