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The team must help the zoo's new arrival, Purple Monkey, entraces to his right exhibit when he accidentally is dropped off in the wrong exhibit.  When the team find purple monkey gets dropped off at the wrong habitat, he ended up in the penguin home. Next, they crossed a turtle swamp. Then, they have to get past a mean and fierce tiger in a tiger forest. Finally in time, the team make it to Purple Monkey's home the monkey jungle.


Intro: Day at the Zoo

Team Umizoomi are in their helicopter and are at the zoo.

In Snow Much Trouble

When the zoo truck drops off Purple Monkey in the wrong exhibit, he finds that he is in the Penguin enclosure. It sure is cold.

Turtle Steps

Team Umizoomi walk across nine turtles to get across a turtle swamp.

Yellow Key for The Yellow Door

The team find the longest yellow key to get through the next exhibit.

Tiger Hunt

Milli disguises Umi Car by putting tiger stripes on him. Suddenly, a spider causes Purple Monkey to sneeze, and then Umi Car's stripes fall off and the Team must get away before they become lunch for the tiger.

Conclusion: The Monkey Jungle

Eventually, the Team get away from the tiger and are safe in the monkey jungle. Purple Monkey is really happy he is back in the right exhibit.




  • In airing order, this is the first episode with DoorMouse since The Butterfly Dance Show.
  • This episode is the second to have a minor and female antagonist, first being Ghost Family Costume Party.
  • This is the first episode where a member of Team Umizoomi wears a disguise, that is UmiCar.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Shape Identification
  • Addition
  • Counting
  • Number Identification
  • Clue Finders
  • Colour Identification
  • Measurements
  • Patterns

World Skills

  • Zoo Animals & Adaptations
  • Animal Habitats
  • Snow Survival
  • Swamps
  • Reptiles
  • Endangered Animals

Super Skills

  • Animal Habitat Classification


  • Purple Monkey: *sneezes*
    • Spider: Geshunheit.
    • Purple Monkey: *sniffs* Spiders always make me sneeze.

  • Bot: Everyone, be careful. We don't want fall into the- Whoooaaa! (slips and falls into the swamp) ...swamp...