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Team Umizoomi spread all across Umi City to rescue some baby birds after a rainy storm blows away their nest from a tree.


Intro: It's a Rainy Day

Today in Umi City, it's raining, and it's still a great day to play in the rain. Team Umizoomi is at the playground playing in the rain. They hop in puddles, meet some rain-loving animals, and getting soaked. It seems like they could play in the rain all day.

Six on Seven

However, their fun day is cut short because the Umi-Alarm sounds. They get a call from their friend Casey. She's worried about the six baby birds that live in the tree outside her window. The wind from the rain is blowing their nest so much, it'll fall. Bot tell the birds to fly away, but Casey tells him they don't know how; they're just babies. The wind blows the nest out of the tree, and the nest starts to float down Seven Street. Now Casey's even more worried about the baby birds, especially since there's a gutter down Seven Street. Bot promises her that they'll rescue the baby birds before it's too late for them and hangs up.

Rough Water Maze

Number Key

Introducing: The Shape Magnet

Sinking on Seven

Flying Lesson

Conclusion: Sunshine and Rainbow come in




  • Geo's Shape Magnet is first revealed and shown in this episode. The shape used in this episode which reveals a rhombus.


  • The order as the characters slid down the water slide went Milli, Bot, and then Geo, but then at the very end, it went Milli, then Geo, and then Bot.


Math Skills

  • Counting
  • Observation Skills
  • Number Identification
  • Shape Identification
  • Number Order

World Skills

  • Rainy Weather



  • Bot: Yeow! Look out below! (crash sound and both Milli and Geo flinch) Oof!
    • (from the distance): I'm OK!

  • Milli and Geo: Ta-da!
    • Bot: Ta-daa-- AAAAAHHH!! (crashes into a leaf pile) *laughs* Hoo, I'm okay.