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This is a cave that Team Umizoomi went through to find the Diamond Key in Journey to Numberland. It has many different parts. It may have been explored once due to a mine cart as well as a railway inside of the cave.

Episode Appearances


The only ones who live here are the Stone Lions. (To learn more, click here

Areas Within


The cave's entrance is a big light blue rock that was closed off with stalactites and stalacmites. There are numbers on each one of them from one through nine. However, two of the numbers were somehow erased off some of them, which caused the cave to closed. Using his Robo-Laser, Bot carved the missing numbers back on and the entrance. The stalactites and stalactmites soon moved away making the entrance to the cave open. 

Dark Passage

This passage is so dark that Team Umizoomi clothes started to glow, since parts of their clothes glow in the dark. The passage floor is really rocky, which makes it hard to watch your step. The passage ends in The Room of The Stone Lions.

Room of The Stone Lions

This is a big part of the cave, brightened by shiny rocks. The Stone Lions rest here, though they were thought to be statues at first. A rocky bridge leads to the Daddy Lion, who had the Diamond Key.

Old Mine

Using mine carts, Zilch and Team Umizoomi raced to get the Heart Key. This mine consists of railways, which some led to dead ends. The railway leads to the exit of the cave and ends at the base of Pattern Peak.