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Seahorses are kind of fish that seen in some of the episodes. They don't talk, they twitter instead. They're also Geo's favourite animals.

Aquarium Seahorses

There are six of these creatures, three red and three yellow. The Umi City Aquarium seahorses were seen in The Aquarium Fix-It when their tank got a nasty crack in the tank. They were seen again in Stompasaurus when the Stomping Feet were stomping wild all over the aquarium.

Little Red

Geo befriended this baby sea horse. Little Red is the smallest and youngest of all the seahorses of the aquarium. He used to feel left out of the other activities that the seahorses get into, but he led the group out of danger in the crack crisis. He allows Geo to ride on his back as well. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Blue Mermaid's Seahorse Attributes

The Blue Mermaid has lots of friends including five seahorses each a different colour: orange, yellow, pink, blue, and purple. Their role, out of all the seahorses in the series is the most minor.


There is only one pet seahorse in the series.


Finn is Geo's pet sea horse. He first appeared unnamed in Aquarium Fix-It, and then again with his name in The Kitty Rescue. Finn is orange and loves diamond shaped food. His name is a pun of a fish's "fin".