Team Umizoomi Wiki

Game apperance

Catch that The Shape Bandit

The first home of The Shape Bandit  before moving into his new house in Umi City.

Secret Location

Team Umizoomi asked a gargoyle, who had his cone horn stolen by the Shape Bandit, where the hideout was. He said the door to his hideout is on...a giant pair of pants, which was pretty hard to believe at first. The door was indeed on a giant pair of pants, which is on top of a department store for clothes. The exact place of the door was the right pocket of the pants.

Places of Hideout

Shape Bandit's Room

This secret room is where the Shape Bandit keeps all the shapes he stole and wear he keeps Geo's Shape Belt.

Long Hallway

This hallway leads to the Shape Bandit's room. Team Umizoomi was warned by the Shape Bandit, in a smug, "I'm-so-tricky-and-clever" way, that there were three terrible traps guarding the Shape Bandit's Room.

Ice Lasers

The Ice Lasers freeze anything that touches them. Bot almost unintentionally walked right into the ice lasers. Geo proved something freezes in ice when it touches an ice laser by tossing a banana into an ice laser and it ends up in a solid ice cube. Milli noticed that on the other side of the lasers, there was an off button, which would melt the lasers. Luckily, thanks to her "Pattern Powers", Milli made it past the lasers and pushed the off button. The lasers melted and the Team kept proceeding.

Mud Bubbles

Beneath the floor is bubbly mud, and the team got trapped inside the mud bubbles. They had no way to pop them. Poking didn't work, and neither did Bot's Robo-Drill,Robo-Jackhammer, nor his Robo Mallet. The only that could pop them was a very loud sound call a Robot-Sneeze.

Hundred Brick Wall

Probably exaggerated by a hundred (100), but it's very tall and very wide. There's no way over, or no way around it. The only way through is to knock it down. Since the Shape Bandit took his shape-belt, Geo had to use other things to make a super wrecking crane, which was later used as a regular crane to move Shape Bandit's new house outside.