Shape Mountain is a tall and magical mountain which is also one of Geo's favourite places.

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Shape Mountain is full of magical three dimensional shapes that can give cars special powers for a certain amount of time


  • Cone: Powers are unknown.
  • Cube: This box-like shape gives speed boosts
  • Sphere: This ball-like shape gives the ability to swim.
  • Triangular Pyramid: This Four-triangle shape gives the ability to climb up cliffs really fast
  • Dodecahedron: The most magical and rarest of all the shapes, it gives the ability to fly.

The Mountain's Areas

Shape Mountain has a car path, so people can drive up even to the top of the mountain

The Base

The Chasm

There was a rope that could be used to swing across this wide chasm, but Dump Truck used scissors to cut the rope, so the team couldn't use it. Instead, they asked the lizards if they could use their lizard launcher to launch them and UmiCar across the cliff.

The Lake

There is a long car path that goes all the way around the lake. UmiCar used the magic 3-D shapes to swim across the lake and catch up with Dump Truck.

The Cliffside Road

The Cliffs

The Peak

This was the finish line for the Great Shape Race and the only place on the whole mountain where the magical dodecahedron can be found.

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