Shark Car is a car made to look a shark, and UmiCar's best friend.

Episode Appearances


Shark Car is Jose's favorite toy. He's a car and looks like a shark. He accidentally fell out of Jose's bag while on the way to the ferry boat. Team Umizoomi rode inside him to get him back before the ferry boat leaves. Shark Car gets his power from four batteries.

Sometime before Season four, he met UmiCar and became best friends with him.


Shark Car is blue/ light bule on his back and gray on his stomach. He has four monster sized wheels that allow him to easily get over sandy dunes. He has jaws with a lot of sharp teeth lined up together. he also has a battery compartment that stores all of his speed. 


  • Monster Wheels: Shark Car's big wheels that allow him to get over sand dunes
  • Battery Compartment: The key to Shark Car's power. There are four slots for four batteries. If the batteries are dead, he can't move.
  • Number Buttons: three sections with three numbers in each one. Pushing one controls his speedometer.
  • The Secret Button: Hidden in Shark Car's back fin, this button has the number 100 on it. It's used only for emergencies.
  • Turbo Rockets: Two rocket boosters that appear on Shark Car's sides. They are only activated by The Secret Button.
  • Sharp Teeth: He can use his sharp teeth to eat globs and blobs of things that can get in the way. In the Umi Grand Prix!, he used his sharp teeth to eat the sea weed that Umi-Car and the team were tangled in thanks to Squiddy's Sea Weed Shooter.


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