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Team Umizoomi have to get Shark Car back to Jose before a ferryboat leaves to get Jose home.


Intro: A Day at the Beach

The episode begins at the secne of the beach, with Jose wearing a shark shirt.

Lost Shark Car

Somehow, Jose's bag has a hole in which the Shark Car fell out in error and ended up outdistanced.

Pattern Passage

Inside the tunnels are multiple colored corridors, to proceed to the right track, the team has to pick which corridor is different.

The Lobster's Big Break

The team needed a help from the lobster to escape from a crate caged trap after Doormouse mistakes Shark Car for a real shark.

Battery Tide

Then Shark Car's batteries are low and out of power, in which Bot has to replace the batteries with dots that correspond to the numbered slots before Shark Car gets washed away to sea.

Conclusion: Ferry Rush

After batteries are replaced, the Shark Car has to catch the ferryboat for Jose as fast as it can before the ferryboat leaves.




  • Originally, Shark Car was going to air during "Every Second Counts", but was replaced by the episode Ellee the Elephant.


Math Skills

  • Number Identification
  • Number Matching
  • Similarities & Differences
  • Observation Skills
  • Patterns
  • Shape Identification

World Skills

  • The Beach
  • Fixing Batteries


  • Shark Car (Song)


  • DoorMouse: It is a shark that drives like a car. Hah! What will they think of next?


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