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When Shooting Star want to pull a wagon like the horses on a ranch, he tries but fails because he's too small. Shooting Star feels sad that he is the smallest. It is up to Team Umizoomi to help Shooting Star by collecting magical horseshoes and make Shooting Star grow so he can pull a wagon like the other horses.


Intro: Meet Shooting Star

The team is visiting the Umi City Ranch where horses live there. There, they meet a little colt with a star marking on his flank. His name is Shooting Star; he really wants to help the other horses with pulling the wagons just like Hercules, the biggest horse on the ranch. However, because of his small size, he doesn't even have enough strength and confidence to pull an empty wagon. Realizing he can't help, he sadly trots into the farm. Team Umizoomi follows him to comfort him. They really wish they could help him grow bigger, so he can be strong enough to help the older horses.

Geo's Discovery

Luckily and unexpectedly, Geo leans on a plank of wood and discovers a hole with an old script inside it. Bot looks at the script to see that it's a script that leads to the four legendary Golden Horseshoes. The Golden Horseshoes can make a horse bigger if they are put on his feet. If all four are collected, the horse can grow to be the biggest horse in all of Umi City.

Scaling the Statue of Geometry

Geo uses a Shape Magnet to scale through the same shape to get up to the top and retrieve a horseshoe. The featured shape is an oval.

Milli's Bungee Jump

Milli attempts to bungee jump underground in the drain using one of the four colored ropes: blue, green, red, and purple. For her safety, a harness is attached to her so it can pull the bungee cord safely. Unfortunately, the blue bungee rope is way too short to reach the horseshoe. Also, the red bungee rope is way too long. The green bungee rope is between short and long. Surprisingly, Milli finally reached the horseshoe with the green one.

There's Gold in Junk

In the scrap junkyard, the team has to find a vehicle where the horseshoe was hidden. The horseshoe was in a saiboat thanks to where Bot used clues until there was one vehicle left.

Hercules Vs. Shooting Star

Doormouse challenges Shooting Star to race him and Hercules back to the ranch and whoever wins gets the horseshoe. But Shooting Star is too nervous and cowardly to race so the Team sing Shooting Star a song called You're A Shooting Star. After, Shooting Star feels confident and ready to race. But however, there are fences in the way that they need to jump over. But the last fence was too big, not even Hercules could jump it but Shooting Star could and beat Doormouse to the ranch.

Conclusion: Magical Moment

Now that Shooting Star has all four horseshoes, he grows to be the biggest horse in Umi City and becomes friends with the other horses and is able to pull a wagon like the other horses. Characters



  • This is the first time that DoorMouse appears near the end of the episode.
  • This is the second appearance of Geo's Shape Magnet.This time, it uses an oval.
  • This episode has no relationship or similarity to the Disney animated film: Hercules.


Math Skills

  • Shape Identification
  • Measurements
  • Observation Skills
  • Using Clues
  • Number Identification
  • Number lines
  • Counting

Special Skill

  • "Not" is a powerful word

World Skills

  • Horses (colt is a baby horse)

Super Skills

  • Believe in Yourself




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