Silly Bear is Team Umizoomi's best bear friend who appears twice in episodes Super Soap and Milli Saves The Day.


Silly Bear first appeared in Super Soap, after he squirted out a bunch of sticky glue on him and needed Super Soap to clean it off. The team traveled through the forest to get the Super Soap to him and clean off the sticky glue.

He then appeared in Milli Saves The Day. After Bot and Geo got stuck in super sticky honey, Silly Bear came on the path and scooped the honey into his jar for his honey cake. He didn't see the two in the honey, and he couldn't hear them while he was listening to music from his headphones.

Personal Life

Silly Bear lives in the forest inside of a cave filled with items mostly found in a house, including a kitchen, toys, suppiles, etc. He loves to bake, make art, and listen to music.


As his name says, Silly Bear is really silly and goofy. He may not be the smartest bear around, but he's still a kind friend to Team Umizoomi.


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