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The Silly Snowmen are all across Snowman Field in A Sledding Snow Day. They are silly because they are dressed all silly and everything. It also shows how to make a snowman and that you don't have to use rocks, a hat, branches, and a carrot to make a snowman, especially a silly snowman.


Snowman: To make a silly snowman

Just take a look at me

I'm made up of snowballs

Count them, 1, 2, 3

All: With the biggest on the bottom and the smallest on top

Snowman: My nose is a potato, and my hair is a mop

All: So many different ways to build a snowman

We're really, really, really silly

Snowman: Dress us up the wackiest way you know

All: So silly, oh, so silly

Snowman: We come out when it's chilly

With Geo, Bot, and Milli

All: It's so much fun to play out in the snow